Letter from The Spot Youth Center's Director

Letter from Dave DeForest-Stalls

The Spot Youth Center's DirectorFor a description of how The Spot youth center got started, please refer to our web page on History. The strategies we list below are meant to help you move from ideas to action. After all, our youth hear us adults talking often, but very infrequently see us "old people" actually create something. Let's stop conducting needs assessments and research studies that sit on someone's shelf. Let's stop talking and start creating something new, relevant, and consistent for our youth. The questions and strategies I've listed below will hopefully help you create your own version of The Spot. You may end up with a coffeehouse, sports palace, theatre, outdoor challenge course? whatever. It may look nothing like The Spot's youth center. That's fine, as long it's relevant to your youth and their desires and needs.

The board of directors of The Spot has articulated a vision that includes serving an increasing number of at-risk adolescent youth. We've decided that our strategy for accomplishing this vision will include continuing to grow our youth center's opportunities at our downtown Denver location, and helping other communities create their own significant place. Our intentions do not include the creation of a chain Spot's, but does include helping create a network of independent and effective adolescent focused youth centers throughout the U.S. and world. In the last 2 years we have helped over a dozen communities in their creation process (e.g. communities in Colorado, Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, California, British Columbia, etc.). That help takes many forms (e.g. phone calls, email messages, slide and speaking presentations, workshops, formal consulting relationships, etc.).