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Why Keep Tryin'? from The Spot Youth CenterIt is nearly impossible to find a book filled with voices of today's youth from across the nation that addresses such relevant and contemporary issues facing young people today and that produces the hope and encouragement needed to move through them. The young contributors in Why Keep Try in'?: Voices from the Street all are between 14 and 24 years old and include gang members, homeless kids, youth in residential treatment, Columbine students, young mothers, victims of abuse – from diverse cultures and backgrounds, with a variety of beliefs, and all with the same message of hope: young people ARE NOT ALONE in their struggle. The youths represented in this book are articulate and provocative in their use of art, poetry and writing to convey not only the all-too-real struggles facing today's young people, but a message that there is hope, there is a way through, there are people listening.

This ain't Chicken Soup, folks!

Some of the language, subject matter and images may be disturbing, but that which may appear depressing to us often can keep a young person from feeling the despair of isolation. Far too many youth (urban, suburban, and rural) are losing or have lost hope; far too many youth are ready to quit...

Quitting can take many forms: a noose around the neck, an assault rifle aimed at classmates, a needle in a vein, a refusal to obey a cop, a constant high, etc.

The challenges our kids face are not nice: rape, incest, violence, death, drugs, lies, etc. But the biggest of these challenges is neglect. They simply are not our priority. Yet they are survivors – they will get what they need from whomever or from whatever source they can find. The results can be shocking and confusing. Let's stop being shocked and start being active! Help our youth receive the opportunities and recognition their talents deserve.

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