Contributors to The Spot Youth Center
Fiscal Year July 1, 2000 - June 30, 2001

The Spot youth center would like to take time to thank and acknowledge the individuals, corporations, and foundations that make our youth programs possible. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep helping turn our youths' dreams into realities.



Gary-Williams Company
J.P. Morgan
Doak Jacoway (Lincoln Financial
Three Dogs Restaurant
Margaret & Edward Leede
Arnold & Arnold ECM, L.L.C.
William Gold II
Forest Oil Corporation
Institute for Internationall Education
Eve, Inc.
Colorado Business Bank
Brookfield Properties, Inc.
Albertsons Community Partners
Mitchel Stanfield & Associates


JFM Foundation
Horwich Charitable Trust
Social Venture Partners, Denver
Cranium Foundation
Johnson Foundation
The Denver Foundation
The Janus Foundation
Milagro Foundation
The Source Youth Foundation
Kenneth Kendal King Foundation
The Graham Foundation
Schlessman Family Foundation
Audrey K. Dines Memorial Fund
Anthem Blue Cross and Donnell-Kay Foundation
Schlessman Family Foundation
Rutt Bridges Susan E. Anderson Fund (TDF)
Ryan Charitable Gift Fund
Rebecca & James Craig Foundation
Dan Rauscher Foundation
Lorraine & Harley Higbie Fund
Marie & Joseph Wilson Foundation
Barbara Bridges Elliot Foundation
Birches Foundation, Inc.
Shorter Comm AME Youtth Group
Mile High United Way


City and County of Denver
State of Colorado


Willard Johnston Foundation
Dave & Debbie Younggren
Margarita Bancroft
Chuck & Shirley Wells
James E. Bye
Sheila Fortune
T&R Birdsong Fund
Rutt Bridges
Dave Ryan
David & Bernadette Wickersham
Richard & Cathey Finlon
Hugh Williamson
Barbara Bridges
Elliot Foundation
Richard Schrepferman
Joy Hilliard
Jim Kayser
Noel Congdon
John & Diane Leede
James R. Cargill, II
Anthony & Delisa Mayer
Hudson & Diana Mead
Lawrence Byrne
James B. Wallace
Doak Jacoway
Margaret Rosanberry
Rob Cohen
Virginia Bayless
Larry Greenwood
Barbara & Leslie Stephens
Suzanne Morine
Willy Walker
John Hickenlooper
Ken Gart
Fred T. Davine
Venita Lewis
Barbara Donachy
Martin Boublik
Elizabeth Nevins
Walt & Georgia Imhoff
Nancy Hawkins
John Madden
Rickie Hall
Ambika Waters
Julie Darby
Kathleen M. Bohland
Stan & Joyce Kamprath
Randy & Jeffrey Bellows
Ray & Kathleen Skibitsky
A. Margaret Pevec
Michael Schiavo
Julie Darby
Richard & Regina Currall
Holly Henderson
Joan Bancroft
Vonda M. Koppers
Ben Palachi
S.R. Heath, Jr.
Carol O'Connell
Art & Buff Palm
Claire Gregory
Phyllis Weyant
Kathy French
Linda Dee
Vivian Bardwell
Anne Lovett