Expand The Spot Youth Center Campaign
The Spot Youth Center
It's very difficult to turn youth away from The Spot. Our programs, such as high school GED preparation and music recording studios, are simply too crowded. In order to alleviate this crowding, increase the number of youth we attract, and broaden the impact on each young person, we are purchasing a second building directly across 21st St. from our current site. Both buildings will house our programs for youth. This second building is costing $595,000 to purchase, and renovations of both buildings are approximately $765,000.


The Spot Youth Center and Youth Center Annex


With these two neighboring buildings we will accomplish the following for our Youth Center:

  • Increase our average nightly participation to over 100 youth per night; in 1998 and 1999 we averaged 65 youth/night; in 2000 we averaged 82 youth/night.
  • Add new programs:
    • Collaboration space with outreach staff from Urban Peak (incredible homeless youth shelter and services) and a jointly run youth health clinic.
    • Nightly babysitting for children of moms and dads in GED, A+ Computer Certification, and Youth Opportunity Programs; we're looking for a collaborating certified daycare agency.
    • Space for visiting staff and community leaders wishing to improve or create their own place for adolescents.
  • Create fulltime dedicated space for:
    • High School GED Preparation classroom and College Entry Assistance Office for our youth.
    • Computer A+ Certification diagnosis and repair lab.
    • Music studio improvement.

The Youth Center Annex

Youth in front of The Spot Youth Center

These Capital improvements are happening now! Please help us secure the resources!!